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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yuma Master Bathroom Make Over

This was the view from the Master Bedroom.
Not sure where the rustic cabinet came from.
More peel and stick tiles.

This was the original view from the Kitchen.
Nothing like seeing the throne from the stove.

This 3/4 bath was so dysfunctional.  The shower
was so tiny that you almost had to step out to turn
around to finish rinsing off. The flow of this room
was awful.

To make it a "proper master bath" we gutted the
entire room.  Put a full tub in.  Had to move the
"throne" over about 5 inches (yes, had to
jackhammer the concrete, move the plumbing over
and re-plumb, re-concrete, etc.) The doorway that
led to the kitchen was closed in.  The tub is now
blocking that entry.  The house
sold soon afterwards, so it was worth all the hassle. 

This tub surround was made of Wilson Art Solid Surface 
It's better than a tile surround.  Don't have to worry about
any water or mold setting in. Plus, it makes cleaning it
a breeze.

The sink is now where the old shower used to be.  This room
has a nice flow to it now.  No more extra tiny shower to
 squeeze into.

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