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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Microwave Installations

The existing microwave didn't work, the client wanted a new one installed.  No problem. 

Old out.

New in.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pima Repainted

This was the Pima house when we first purchased it.

This is it repainted.  We had to replace an entire kitchen wall,
internal and external, because of the water damage.  So, we
opted to repaint with fresh colors.  The main color is Verdigris 
and the trim is Ivory Palace, both from Home Depot in Behr.
The front door had been painted red awhile back by my wife
and she can not recall the name of the color.

Please ignore the ladder and working supplies.  We live 4hours
away and so we were in a mad dash to get it all done.  We'll
post nicer pictures later.  But, this is a reality shot.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pima Kitchen

We don't have a current complete picture- but this shows the
obvious improvement.  It has Kitchen Kompact cabinets as
well as Wilson Art solid surface countertopsThe walls
have since been painted, the hood vent has been installed,
and the faucet is now in too.

Notice the bulge in the copper pipe??  It froze and busted
there.  Which leads us to the next couple of pictures....
All in all I think that there were 5 spots where the pipes froze
and busted.  Unfortunately our renters didn't know how to turn
the water off in a hurry.

Notice the lovely gaping hole above the sink?

See how the cabinets are no longer flush with the walls?
That's because they soaked in some of the water.
This kitchen did have Venetian Plaster- that's what you see
peeling off the ceiling there.

There's that hole again.  The doors even became askew because
of the water damage.
And, the Laundry Room.  It didn't have that before...

What else is there to do, but gut it and start
from scratch.

Pex plumbing.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pima Bathroom

This bathroom was dated.  The house was built in the
1970's.  It had original flooring, original cabinet, the
only update had been in the 80's was the shower tile.

So, we did what we do, best... take it down to bare studs.

New tile, new window, new tub, new walls, new toilet. 
New everything!  Did a tile shelf in the shower.

Put in a Wilson Art Solid Surface Countertop and a Wilson Art integrated sink
If you notice the faucet and the handles are on an angle.  It was done that way
to maximize the countertop space.  Plus, the mirror and sink bowl didn't line up
perfectly, so by putting the faucet slightly askew it actually helped to cover
over that slight error.   Did venetian plaster on the walls. Darker brown on the
bottom and lighter tan on top.  Added crown molding, chair rail and of course
new base board as well.  New tile floor completed the look.
Sorry, we didn't take more/ better pictures.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Yuma Dining Room

Did the Ralph Lauren faux suede wall treatment on this wall. It looked amazing!
Put 18x18 tile in.  New lighting.  Painted the ceiling, walls and trim as well.
Had 1970's chevron paneling on the walls. The wood was
directly onto the block exterior wall.  Had to put up new
sheetrock, tape and flat texture (for the faux suede).
Notice the matching wood trim on the ceiling? 
Got rid of that too.

Notice the peel and stick tile?
This fireplace had really nice bones.  Just needed a little TLC and paint
treatment to bring it out.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Yuma Master Bathroom Make Over

This was the view from the Master Bedroom.
Not sure where the rustic cabinet came from.
More peel and stick tiles.

This was the original view from the Kitchen.
Nothing like seeing the throne from the stove.

This 3/4 bath was so dysfunctional.  The shower
was so tiny that you almost had to step out to turn
around to finish rinsing off. The flow of this room
was awful.

To make it a "proper master bath" we gutted the
entire room.  Put a full tub in.  Had to move the
"throne" over about 5 inches (yes, had to
jackhammer the concrete, move the plumbing over
and re-plumb, re-concrete, etc.) The doorway that
led to the kitchen was closed in.  The tub is now
blocking that entry.  The house
sold soon afterwards, so it was worth all the hassle. 

This tub surround was made of Wilson Art Solid Surface 
It's better than a tile surround.  Don't have to worry about
any water or mold setting in. Plus, it makes cleaning it
a breeze.

The sink is now where the old shower used to be.  This room
has a nice flow to it now.  No more extra tiny shower to
 squeeze into.

5 Mountain Estate Kitchen

Sorry, I don't have any before pictures of this kitchen.  It had water damage and
everything had to be gutted out.  It has  Kitchen Kompact Cabinets and
Wilson Art solid surface counter tops.  As well as a Wilson Art integrated sink.