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Monday, September 5, 2011

Pima Kitchen

We don't have a current complete picture- but this shows the
obvious improvement.  It has Kitchen Kompact cabinets as
well as Wilson Art solid surface countertopsThe walls
have since been painted, the hood vent has been installed,
and the faucet is now in too.

Notice the bulge in the copper pipe??  It froze and busted
there.  Which leads us to the next couple of pictures....
All in all I think that there were 5 spots where the pipes froze
and busted.  Unfortunately our renters didn't know how to turn
the water off in a hurry.

Notice the lovely gaping hole above the sink?

See how the cabinets are no longer flush with the walls?
That's because they soaked in some of the water.
This kitchen did have Venetian Plaster- that's what you see
peeling off the ceiling there.

There's that hole again.  The doors even became askew because
of the water damage.
And, the Laundry Room.  It didn't have that before...

What else is there to do, but gut it and start
from scratch.

Pex plumbing.

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