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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pima Bathroom

This bathroom was dated.  The house was built in the
1970's.  It had original flooring, original cabinet, the
only update had been in the 80's was the shower tile.

So, we did what we do, best... take it down to bare studs.

New tile, new window, new tub, new walls, new toilet. 
New everything!  Did a tile shelf in the shower.

Put in a Wilson Art Solid Surface Countertop and a Wilson Art integrated sink
If you notice the faucet and the handles are on an angle.  It was done that way
to maximize the countertop space.  Plus, the mirror and sink bowl didn't line up
perfectly, so by putting the faucet slightly askew it actually helped to cover
over that slight error.   Did venetian plaster on the walls. Darker brown on the
bottom and lighter tan on top.  Added crown molding, chair rail and of course
new base board as well.  New tile floor completed the look.
Sorry, we didn't take more/ better pictures.

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